Monday, February 23, 2009

Why am I here

We have all had a preacher step on our toes during a sermon. But, how often have you heard of a preacher stepping on his own toes. Believe me it hurt too. I am doing a series of sermons titled "Back to the Basics" and yesterday we where on the topic of Jesus Christ. We learned that two names most mentioned in the New Testament used for Jesus were " Son of God" and " Son of Man".
Jesus is the Son of God. Jesus didn't just know God, He did not just have a special closeness with God. Jesus was and is the Son of God. What this means is God living among us as one of us. God walking among us,God breathing, speaking, laughing, and weeping as one of us. The God we worship is fully present in Jesus, and through Him, we can discover who God is and what God is like.
He is also known as the Son of Man. We just learned about Jesus is the image of God so it would stand to reason that if the Son of God revealed the true nature of God that the Son of Man would reveal the true nature of humanity, wouldn't? So Jesus as the Son of Man showed us not just what human beings are like; He showed us what human beings are meant to be like. As the Son of Man, he is the image of what God intended for humanity.
When we are honest with ourselves , we know we are not really living the lives God intended for us. We do things to hurt ourselves and others. we have immoral thoughts and desires. We desire people, money, and power more than we desire God. So with that said, my toes are hurting again. See my in-laws live with my wife and I, and my mother-in-law probably grates on every nerve I have, but that is another story. As I was bringing this message it dropped and smashed my toes, as I vizualized Jesus with my mother-in law and realized that I am in no way living my life as God intended for me. For if I was I would be more compassionate to her and stop trying to make her into someone she is not. She has every right to be who she is as I do myself. I realized that God loves her more than I do (not that I do not love her). Through this message I learned that in order to live as God intended, I must and I will try to be more understanding of her. For this is what God intended for my life. And yes I think I might need to see the foot doctor and get my toes put back in place. May God Bless you and Keep you.

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