Thursday, February 26, 2009

DO OVER !!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was my day off and I did one of the things I like to do the most. Play video games, right now I am playing "Tiger Woods 09 Tour" on the Wii. It is not an easy game, so I played the first round of a tournament and did real well. Started the second round and was not doing as well as the first round so I quit and erased that round altogether. A little while later It struck me just how easy it was to just quit and start all over again. DO OVER !!!!!!!!
I remember as a kid we had do overs and it was like a rule everyone got do overs. Boy, I wish life would give us DO OVERS. It would real make life much easier. Looking back on some of the times I wanted a do over, I figure I would have had to have about 30 -40 a day. Many times we want a do over just as the words leave our lips...................oops, wait I want a do over, did not mean to say that, sorry DO OVER !!!!!!!!!
That got me thinking.................... God gives do overs...............The biggest is when we accept him as our Lord and Savior.............He lets us start all over with a new heart and new mind, a fresh spirit. The file on us is wiped clean...............Is that not a great DO OVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But you know God lets us have many do overs, as many as we need. WHY? Because He loves us unconditionally. He loves us so much that he forgets and then forgives..........Man on the other hand forgives but never forgets. God chooses to give us do overs, because He loves us. Of course he would rather us not use the do overs, but they are there if we need them. The one thing my mom always told us was" engage the brain before opening the mouth" these are powerful words to live by. In other words don't hit send if you do not want the world to read it. Have a great evening and may God bless you in all you do.


  1. Wow....what a post. I like the concept of do overs....I remember them as a child and loved them. I am glad God feels like we need them still.

  2. I love do overs, and I'm really, REALLY God let's us have them!!

    I read this forever ago (well...maybe not FOREVER since it hasn't been that long since you posted it) but I just didn't have a chance to comment. :)